dbini industries was set up in 1993, primarily as a streetwear label, with me making hats, clothing and accessories on a rented bedroom floor. Since then it has branched out to include graphic design, photography, digital video, soundtracking and performance collaboration, amongst many others. I have worked for theatre companies and art galleries, venues and universities, and specialize in one-to-one creative support for artistic individuals.

my own artistic practice is very much focussed on working with the human body and human emotions. i tend to use a lot of technology, and i find that the digital environment can be quite cold and lacking emotion, so i work with dancers and performers to create an instant connection that an audience can identify with.

in 2006 I set up a dance company with my wife, choreographer Tanja RĂ¥man. We make performance and video work that integrates dance with technology, building hybrid systems of humans and computers to create interactive environments for dance.

more information can be found at taikabox.com

in 2015, we moved to Northern Finland where I started on a journey of personal creativity, building interactive installation work for children and families.

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