1989-1992 Ba(honours) Degree in Fine Art – Gwent College of Higher Education

1988-1989 Diploma in Foundation Studies: Art and Design – Burton-Upon-Trent Technical College

I have been working as a production manager/technician/lighting and sound designer in theatre since 1998, with a recent emphasis on contemporary dance, collaborating with choreographers to provide artistic and technical support for their productions. I also use video, photography and digital media to create interactive environments for performance. Since moving to Finland in 2015, I have been focusing on creating interactive and site-specific video installations and community dance projects, and also teaching on the Digital Publishing Lab at Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Grants, Awards and Commissions from Finland:


Operational funding from Taike and Oulu City (association)


DigiDemo research grant from AVEK – 3000€ (working group)


Commission from LUMO – Oulu Light Festival – 3000€ (individual)

Travel grant from Norwegian Arts Council – 7000NoK (association)

Travel grant from Nordic Culture Point – 1200€ (working group)

Production grant from Taike – 5000€ (association)

Production grant from Oulu City – 3000€ (association)


Commission from LUMO – Oulu Light Festival – 5050€ (individual)

Commission from LUMO – Oulu Light Festival – 3208€ (individual)

Production grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation (Northern Ostrobothnia Region) – 4000€ (association)

Travel grant from Taike – 1000€ (working group)

Production grant from Taike – 6000€ (working group)

DigiDemo research grant from AVEK – 3000€ (working group)


Commission from LUMO – Oulu Light Festival – 3000€ (individual)

6-month artists working grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation (Northern Ostrobothnia Region) for creating artwork for children – 12000€ (individual)


CreaDemo research grant from AVEK – 4910€ (working group)

Travel grant from Taike – 1000€ (working group)

Recent Projects (performance):


‘Moving Barents 2020: OUT OF URGENCY’ – Technical manager for simultaneous performances in Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway.


‘DigiDance’ – Workshops and open studio sessions – Piteå, Luleå and Moskosel, Sweden.

‘Warjakka Art Lab’ – Mentoring/documentation/tech support for artists residency – Varjakka Island.

‘Ode to You’ – Mentoring/technical management for Manon Siv Duquesnay – Zaragoza, Spain.

’12Hours4Deep – Glacial Galaxies’ – Video set (and publicity design) for Corridoors of Sound Collective – Valve, Oulu.

‘African Vibez’ – Live visuals for DJ/dance jam – Bingo, Oulu.

‘Warjakka 3D’ – Research into augmented reality heritage site – Varjakka, Oulu.


‘Please Switch On Oulu’ – Interactive system/sound/video – Oulu.

‘Oulu Dance Hack 18’ –  running a 5-day creative dance/tech workshop – OAMK, Oulu.

‘Born Old’ – Live visuals/sound for physical storytelling show for children – Oulu & Hammerfest (Norway)

‘DigiDance’ – Dance/tech workshops – Oulu, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) Vasaa, Mounio & Hailuoto.


‘Rajamailla’ and ‘Blastin the Jam’ – Projected visuals and lighting – Valve, Oulu.

‘DigiDance’ – Dance/tech workshops for school pupils/young people/refugees – Oulu.

‘Oulu Dance Hack 17’ –  running a 3-day creative dance/tech workshop – OAMK, Oulu. 

‘Corridors of Sound’ – various collaborative improvised soundscapes – Valve, Kulttuuribingo & Vanha Villatehdus, Oulu.

‘PSO’ – Interactive system/sound/video – Vilnius, Lithuania.

‘Machine Movement’ – research and performance of a new system for realtime control of a robot arm – Oulu and on Finnish national TV.

‘Totem’ – Interactive sound/video dance performance – Voimala1889, Oulu


‘Koti’ – Projected visuals/lighting/sound design – Valve, Oulu.

‘Between Coil and Recoil’ – Live digital sound/system design – Haparanda, Sweden.

‘Oulu Dance Hack’ –  running a 3-day creative dance/tech workshop – OAMK, Oulu.

‘Corridor Collective’ – Improvised collaborative soundscapes – Valve, Oulu.

‘PSO’ – Interactive system/sound/video – Zug, Switzerland.

‘DigiDance’ – Workshops for disabled dancers – Xdance Festival, Helsinki.

‘Corridors of Sound’ – 12 hours of collaborative improvised soundscapes – Valve, Oulu.


‘Please Switch On’ – Interactive system/sound/video – Kiertoliike, Zodiak, Helsinki.

‘Fix Me’ – Live digital sound – City Theatre, Oulu.

‘Heart & sOul’ – Projected visuals – Global Forum Gala, Oulu.

‘Between Coil and Recoil’ – Live digital sound/system design – City Theatre, Oulu & Theatr Harlech, Wales.

‘365’ – DJ set with visuals – EverWhat Gallery, Oulu.

‘A Study in Telesymbiosis’ – System/sound design for TaikaBox – simultaneous projected performance in Oulu and Newport, Wales.

‘The First Time Machine’ – Lighting/video design for Run Ragged Productions – Welsh retour.

‘My Skin Is a Thin Boundary’ – Lighting/video/sound for TaikaBox – Paris.

‘Rites for the Digital Shaman’ – Interactive systems/photography for TaikaBox – ongoing research, performances in Oulu, remote performances in Harlech, North Wales and Lodz, Poland.

‘Transition’ – Video design for Run Ragged Productions – Welsh tour.

‘An Invitation…’ – Lighting design for Jo Fong – UK tour/Edinburgh Fringe.


‘PlayDanceMe’ – Interactive video installation – Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff & online.

‘Ntokee’ – Lighting/video design for Ballet Nimba – Chapter, Cardiff.

‘UnEase’ – Video/lighting design for Sinfonia Cymru/Tom Raybould – Site specific performance installation, Cardiff.

‘Beyond the Body’ – Video/lighting/direction with TaikaBox – Welsh tour/Edinburgh Fringe.

‘The Audience’ – Video/lighting design for Jo Fong – International tour.

‘Please Switch On Your Mobile Phones’ – Project management/sound/video/light for TaikaBox – Digital Research project.

‘21st Century Dinosaurs’ – Video/lighting design for Chris Tally Evans & Co – Chapter, Cardiff


‘UnBUTTONED’ – Responsive visuals for concert by Sinfonia Cymru – Chapter, Cardiff.

‘Wonders of the Universe’ – Lighting design for Karol Cysewski – Welsh tour/Edinburgh Fringe.

‘Fallen ‘ – Video/lighting design for Shock n Awe Productions – Chapter, Cardiff.

‘The Day We Discovered the World was an Oyster’ – Lighting design for Chloe Loftus – Outdoor performance installation – UK tour.

‘Witness’ – Project management for Jo Fong’s 3-screen video presentation – UK tour.

‘INHABITANTS’ – Project management/design for site-responsive dance work – Welsh tour.

‘Nine’ – Lighting design/technical management for Mr & Mrs Clark – Welsh tour.



‘Rorschach’ – Multi-screen video installation – LUMO – Oulu Light Festival

‘Some Things From Somewhere’ – Audiovisual exhibition – Collaboration with dance artist Cai Tomos and disabled artists collective Debajo del Sombrero – Matadero, Madrid, Spain.


‘COLOURS’ – Community video installations –  LUMO – Oulu Light Festival.

‘AVATAR’ – Interactive video installations –  LUMO – Oulu Light Festival.

‘Tanssilava’ – Projection/sound installations – Galleria Napa, Rovaniemi.


‘Karhusaari’ – Video interventions, LUMO – Oulu Light Festival.

‘Nightwatch’ – Installation for children in Liminka Library.


‘The Allegory of the Cave, 2015’ – Interactive video installation, EverWhat Gallery, Oulu.


‘HIDE on Location’ – Photographs printed onto wood, Sherman Theatre, Cardiff.


‘Duet for Three’ – Installation in various conferences and festivals around the UK.


‘Motor Head’ – Sound design for Nick Elphick’s sculptural installation in Adain Avion, Llandudno.


‘Diego’ – Audio installation as part of En Residencia, Laboral, Gijon, Spain.

Selected Films:


‘PIIKA’, ‘Aquarius’, ‘192019’ & ‘The Blue Room’ – Short dance films made with KEHO collective on location on Varjakka Island.


‘Some Things from Somewhere’ – Series of films made with Cai Tomos and the artists of Debajo del Sombrero – Matadero, Madrid, Spain.

‘Metsänläpset’ – Short dance film made with local schoolchildren.

‘Village Millionaire’ – Documentary about a local historical figure. (editor)


Three Cane Whale: ‘The Bronze Sounding’ – Music video and projected backdrop for performances.

ISAN: ‘Glass Bird Movement’ – Music video.


‘The Submergence Trilogy: The Beautiful’ – 360degree short that has been screened all over the world and won 3rd prize at Shortcuts International Dance Film Festival, 2014, Graz, Austria.