Author: John Collingswood


30:20 is a large icosahedral structure made only from found sticks and red wool and suspended in a small room of the Konttori building on Varjakka Island during July/August 2021. I aimed to create something that looks out of place, but uses natural, site-specific materials. Something that would connect with the engineering past of the…
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Sensing Self

therapy website


dance video shot in the Varjakka konttori building

The Blue Room

dance video shot in the blue sitting room of Varjakka konttori building


Filmed in the servant’s quarters of the Konttori building on Varjakka Island with dancers from the !OHO-KEHO! collective.

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan work as a husband and wife team primarily in the medium of cardboard. Their soaring installations fill gallery spaces, reaching from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The duo’s massive sculptural works are comprised of miniature homes that have been piled and stacked, creating dizzying towers of layered landscapes. For many…
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Ode to You

Mentoring dance artist Manon Siv Duquesnay


dance interventions in a village school

Mäsä Universe

There’s a chap in Tampere called Juhana Nyrhinen who makes electric Kantele out of skateboards. The Kantele is a traditional Finnish instrument, like a simple harp or zither. Juhana’s instruments take the kantele to the next level. You can buy these, and other interesting instruments, at his website: Mäsä Universe.


Portrait of Greta Thunberg in the style of Shepard Fairey’s Hope