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Pohjois-Karjala by YL Male Voice ChoirA beautiful song and video about life in Northern Karelia

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan work as a husband and wife team primarily in the medium of cardboard. Their soaring installations fill gallery spaces, reaching from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The duo’s massive sculptural works are comprised of miniature homes that have been piled and stacked, creating dizzying towers of layered landscapes. For many…
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Mäsä Universe

There’s a chap in Tampere called Juhana Nyrhinen who makes electric Kantele out of skateboards. The Kantele is a traditional Finnish instrument, like a simple harp or zither. Juhana’s instruments take the kantele to the next level. You can buy these, and other interesting instruments, at his website: Mäsä Universe.

The Magma Chamber

This wonderful and dark short dance film by Shantala Pèpe uses simple techniques to maximum effect. Shantala’s twisted and dynamic choreography sits beautifully with the reverse action, camera movement, dramatic lighting and intensely claustrophobic sound design by Antonin De Bemels.

Messages from Elsewhere

Messages From Elsewhere – An Alien Graffiti is a collection of 26 sigils or elaborate glyphs of great beauty and strangeness, intercepted by Richard James Biddle and committed to paper with ink, charcoal and correction fluid, published by Timglaset editions. Its a lovely little book that sits somewhere between language and painting. Richard is an old friend…
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Go Up

This video, directed by Paris-based Alexandre Courtes and featuring music from Cassius, Pharrell Williams and Cat Power, juxtaposes images in order to connect ideas, simultaneously forming beautiful collages and thoughtful statements on the way we live and communicate in the 21st century.

The Perfect Human

The Perfect Human (Det perfekte menneske) is a 1968 short film by Jørgen Leth


I think I have found my new favourite artist: Niklas Zidarov.  PRISMA is a lovely installation featuring two projectors and some sand. Simple and beautiful. Pretty much all of Mr. Zidarov’s output is awesome.

Wardrobe of Nature

Anni Rapinoja is an artist who lives and works on the island of Hailuoto, just down the road from where I live. She collects natural materials and makes incredible objects from them. She refers to her process as collaboration with nature. I was very inspired by her recent exhibition at Oulu Art Museum.


A collaboration between digital artists and dancers, DUST is a dance piece experienced through virtual reality, where you control your perspective and become part of the experience. I was introduced to this project by digital artist Maria Judova who worked with Andrej Boleslavsky on the initial R+D with Rambert Dance Company