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A collaboration between digital artists and dancers, DUST is a dance piece experienced through virtual reality, where you control your perspective and become part of the experience. I was introduced to this project by digital artist Maria Judova who worked with Andrej Boleslavsky on the initial R+D with Rambert Dance Company


Arena is a short film by Irish artist Páraic McGloughlin which explores the similarities of international roadways, farming infrastructure and urban design. In the minute and a half work, McGloughlin presents thousands of aerial images collected from Google Maps to create a series of winding pathways and geometric shapes that snake across the screen. Páraic also worked on…
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Asphyxia is an experimental film project by artist/musician Maria Takeuchi and designer/director Frederico Phillips that explores human movement through motion capture technology. The team used two Kinect sensors to capture the movements of dancer Shiho Tanaka and then processed the data in various ways before rendering the results. The noisy, lo-fi data from the Kinects, combined with expressive…
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a lovely short film by Cirque du Soleil, ETH Zurich & Verity Studios, featuring finely choreographed flying robot lampshades. no wires, no CGI, just a bunch of drones in disguise working together with a human. behind the scenes:

the safety dance

the city of Lisbon recently hosted this great dance intervention, produced by Smart (the little cars) and created for ad agency BBDO by Lukas Liske, Daniel Schweinzer and Marten Persiel.


Presence is a lovely dance film made by Matt Pyke, choreographed by Benjamin Millepied, sound by Simon Pyke, motion-captured dancers: Nathan Makolandra and Julia Eichten. Universal Everything, along with TeamLAB and Marshmallow Laser Feast, seem to be making some of the most exciting work around at the moment. I guess the strength lies in the collective…
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Reactor for Awareness in Movement

RAM is a great system for connecting dancers and computers – opens up many possibilities. and its available for download. i’m currently developing an idea for a digital feedback system with one organic element – the dancer, and this – although completely different – is really inspirational. UPDATE: in December 2015, I travelled to Japan…
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