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The Magma Chamber

This wonderful and dark short dance film by Shantala Pèpe uses simple techniques to maximum effect. Shantala’s twisted and dynamic choreography sits beautifully with the reverse action, camera movement, dramatic lighting and intensely claustrophobic sound design by Antonin De Bemels.

Full Circle

Full Circle uses a custom camera rig to create the illusion of a jumprope that shifts space and time on every jump.

75 Watt

Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen have created a project in collaboration with choreographer Alexander Whitley. 75 Watt is the documentation of a production line that is building a useless product. the product has been designed specifically so that its process of manufacture contains a variety of choreographic expressions. this is a great example of…
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amazing choreography of stock footage by Cyriak Harris


nice movement/animation piece by director Steven Briand


Michael Palm & Willi Dorner created this film in 2009, showcasing Dorner’s iconic Bodies in Urban Spaces project that premiered in 2006 and continues to appear throughout the world.