Month: January 2019

The Perfect Human

The Perfect Human (Det perfekte menneske) is a 1968 short film by Jørgen Leth

The Bronze Sounding

a moving backdrop for a live performance by Three Cane Whale

Some Things From Somewhere

short promo for an exhibition I designed in Madrid in 2018


a quick sketch of Tanja dancing in the snow, lit only by projected symbols from a Sami shaman drum.

Dance Photography


I think I have found my new favourite artist: Niklas Zidarov.  PRISMA is a lovely installation featuring two projectors and some sand. Simple and beautiful. Pretty much all of Mr. Zidarov’s output is awesome.

Wardrobe of Nature

Anni Rapinoja is an artist who lives and works on the island of Hailuoto, just down the road from where I live. She collects natural materials and makes incredible objects from them. She refers to her process as collaboration with nature. I was very inspired by her recent exhibition at Oulu Art Museum.


A collaboration between digital artists and dancers, DUST is a dance piece experienced through virtual reality, where you control your perspective and become part of the experience. I was introduced to this project by digital artist Maria Judova who worked with Andrej Boleslavsky on the initial R+D with Rambert Dance Company


A flexible workshop package that gets people moving. TaikaBox goes into a school, gallery or public space and we set up projectors, speakers and a Kinect depth-sensor camera. I take data from people moving in the space to create a range of light-painting effects that are projected life-sized. DigiDance can be a drop-in session where…
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Born Old

A 35-minute show for children aged 4-10 and their families. Born Old is based on the adventures of Väinämöinen, a character from the Finnish epic poem Kalevala. Using dance, song, storytelling and an interactive projection screen (the floor) it tells of the old man’s adventures and his battles with a powerful witch in the frozen…
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