The Bronze Sounding

The Bronze Sounding

Three Cane Whale – The Bronze Sounding

Three Cane Whale’s music has often been described by critics and audiences as “cinematic”, rooted as it is in specific landscapes and journeys, and now we’re bringing film into the heart of our live performance.

Commissioned by and produced in partnership with St George’s Bristol, the Watershed, and the 2017 Filmic Festival, ‘At The Pictures’ sees the band performing live to twelve brand new short films created by thirteen filmmakers & visual artists in response to 3CW tunes of their choice

three cane whale

The first part of this film was shot whilst crossing the Arctic Circle, just North of Rovaniemi in Finland. The second part was shot in a small quarry, just up the road from my home in Varjakka. I wanted to make something simple that responded to the feel of the music, starting with a journey and then arriving somewhere that was both serene and dynamic. I tried a number of different location shots, overlaying various generated digital effects to increase movement on screen. Just as I was about to hit the key to render a ‘final’ version, I looked out of the window to see beautiful big snowflakes falling, so I grabbed a camera and tripod and cycled down to the sandpits to capture the scene.

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