Lighting design

The Beat Hotel

The Beat Hotel was installed in Oulu Library for Lumo 2022. A collaboration with three other local artists, this multi-room experience was inspired by the Beat Poets who lived in a cheap and shabby hotel in Paris during the 60s and 70s. Working for 2 weeks with Ansku Nousiainen, Tiina Vehkaperä and Jared van Earle,…
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Keho on Dacha

large format book about an art project

Kuin kylpisin nestemäisessä kivessä

video made with dancers Tanja Råman and Kaisa Rundelin

Another Day Without Rain

music video created in collaboration with Kepposet folk dance collective


Pohjois-Karjala by YL Male Voice ChoirA beautiful song and video about life in Northern Karelia


An installation created for LUMO 2021 – under the theme of ‘Back to New’. 9 pieces were installed throughout an empty shop for he weekend of the light festival. Mainly based on creating moving shapes by combining straight lines of light and organic structures of material. This was an idea originally developed with an animator…
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30:20 is a large icosahedral structure made only from found sticks and red wool and suspended in a small room of the Konttori building on Varjakka Island during July/August 2021. I aimed to create something that looks out of place, but uses natural, site-specific materials. Something that would connect with the engineering past of the…
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Sensing Self

therapy website


dance video shot in the Varjakka konttori building