Duet for Three

interactive dance film installation


large scale architectural projection event involving 5 dancers and live music by Eyebrow


a short film i made in 2007 with choreographer Tanja Råman

So This Is How It Begins

promo video i made for unpopular emo band Kids Near Water


Asphyxia is an experimental film project by artist/musician Maria Takeuchi and designer/director Frederico Phillips that explores human movement through motion capture technology. The team used two Kinect sensors to capture the movements of dancer Shiho Tanaka and then processed the data in various ways before rendering the results. The noisy, lo-fi data from the Kinects, combined with expressive…
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Presence is a lovely dance film made by Matt Pyke, choreographed by Benjamin Millepied, sound by Simon Pyke, motion-captured dancers: Nathan Makolandra and Julia Eichten. Universal Everything, along with TeamLAB and Marshmallow Laser Feast, seem to be making some of the most exciting work around at the moment. I guess the strength lies in the collective…
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Wayne McGregor


Michael Palm & Willi Dorner created this film in 2009, showcasing Dorner’s iconic Bodies in Urban Spaces project that premiered in 2006 and continues to appear throughout the world.


Short dance film by DuckEye and Alexander Whitley “Atelic is motion control test film by DuckEye developed from ‘Iatrogenesis’ created for Rambert Dance Company’s ‘Season of New Choreography’. The film explores the popular technique of overlaying multiple performances of the same routine yet with the twist of using a metal grid structure to delineate between…
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choreography on film #4

Jean-Luc Godard made this supercool dance scene in 1964.