Category: video portfolio

The Blue Room

dance video shot in the blue sitting room of Varjakka konttori building


Filmed in the servant’s quarters of the Konttori building on Varjakka Island with dancers from the !OHO-KEHO! collective.


dance interventions in a village school


six-screen video installation for LUMO18

The Bronze Sounding

a moving backdrop for a live performance by Three Cane Whale

Some Things From Somewhere

short promo for an exhibition I designed in Madrid in 2018


a quick sketch of Tanja dancing in the snow, lit only by projected symbols from a Sami shaman drum.


25 – screen video installation for LUMO 2017


The forest represents the unknown and the children become part of the forest.

Glass Bird Movement

a music video for the title track from the 8th studio album by electronica duo ISAN