Projection installation at Oulu City Hall.

This ran for three days in November 2018 as part of LUMO – Oulu Light Festival.
It was created by dropping different inks into a tank of water, and then filming and processing the results. The 20-minute loop was designed specifically for the 6 windows over the main entrance of City Hall and used a different projector for each screen. The films were played back using Isadora running on 2 separate computers – one on each floor.

The festival was attended by over 150,000 people over the weekend.
A document of the whole festival can be found here.

Thanks to Simon Beyer-Pedersen for helping with filming and Jim Hansen for helping with the installation, City Theatre and Valve for equipment loan, Jarkko Halunen and Anna Lanas at Lumo, and the good people of Oulun Kaupungintalo. Also thanks to Julian Owusu and Anniina Jääskeläinen for the dancebombing.

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