Ode to You

Ode to You

In April 2019, I travelled to Zaragoza, Spain, for a research trip to find out more about Etopia Centre for Art and Technology. Whilst there I spent a few days working with dance artist Manon Siv Duquesnay who was artist in residence at the Dance and New Media Lab. She was developing a solo dance piece that is based on her research and personal experience of artists who are characterised as bipolar.

Her aim was to incorporate more video into the work, and she had been experimenting with small Arduino-based systems that use various sensors, switches, LEDs and speakers. My role as mentor was to help her find a balance between the movement and the technology, and to help her to shape the tech into a container that enabled her to improvise without being too conscious of the structure imposed by the pre-recorded video backdrop.

She will be developing the work further during the second stage of the residency in the Summer.

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