Author: John Collingswood


Between 2006 and 2010, dance artist Deborah Light was busy developing a performative alter-ego called Angelica. She created numerous projects to research the character and her relationship with the world. I collaborated, alongside costume designer Neil Davies, on many of these projects, designing lighting and sound for performances and photographing Angelica in various locations. One…
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Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy

Digital remix of the painting Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy by David Hockney Created for Wales-based performance artists Mr and Mrs Clark.

Mind Magic

Exhibited at Art Haven in Exeter in 2001. The speaker plays cosmic self-development exercises to the houseplant 24 hours a day. Throughout the course of the exhibition, the foliage grew significantly. mixed media: terracotta, soil, houseplant, mdf, speaker, wires, auto-reverse tape deck, cassette of Mind Magic by Janet Shine

Branding and website for film/video/artwork project about the ghost island of Varjakka in Northern Finland


25 – screen video installation for LUMO 2017


nightwatch was built in 2016 as part of my working grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Basically, it is a small wooden shed filled with Northern Lights. It was exhibited in the childrens’ section of Liminka Public Library during October and November 2016.


The forest represents the unknown and the children become part of the forest.

Glass Bird Movement

a music video for the title track from the 8th studio album by electronica duo ISAN

Full Circle

Full Circle uses a custom camera rig to create the illusion of a jumprope that shifts space and time on every jump.


Arena is a short film by Irish artist Páraic McGloughlin which explores the similarities of international roadways, farming infrastructure and urban design. In the minute and a half work, McGloughlin presents thousands of aerial images collected from Google Maps to create a series of winding pathways and geometric shapes that snake across the screen. Páraic also worked on…
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